The Ultimate Thrill of Whale Watching in Los Cabos

Photo Courtesy Oscar Ortiz Cabo Expeditions

Winter is such an exciting season in Los Cabos with plenty of events and happenings around town. But in addition to parties and a busy cultural agenda, there’s the biggest thrill of all: WHALE WATCHING.

During the fall gray whales make the 6000-mile long journey from their summer homes in the depths of the seas between Alaska and Siberia. In winter, they arrive in the warm waters of Baja California and Sea of Cortez to give birth.

Photo Courtesy Oscar Ortiz Cabo Expeditions
Photo Courtesy Oscar Ortiz Cabo Expeditions

Gray whales calve in the protected, shallow lagoons of San Ignacio, Ojo de Liebre and Magdalena Bay. The city of San Ignacio is located approximately nine hours from Casa Dorada and Magdalena Bay just 5 hours away.

The lagoons frequented by the grays are mid-way to three-quarters of the way down the Baja Peninsula and offer optimal conditions for female grays to give birth. Mother grays are extremely affectionate, playing constantly and bracing the calf on her back when it needs to rest.

In the sheltered lagoons, the calves learn survival skills and build their muscles by swimming against the ocean currents flowing into the calmer waters. Even though the lagoons are hundreds of miles up the peninsula, whale watching around Los Cabos is very abundant as well.

Photo Courtesy Oscar Ortiz Cabo Expeditions
Photo Courtesy Oscar Ortiz Cabo Expeditions

Many male grays travel close to the shore off Los Cabos, and once the calves are mature enough to leave the sanctuary of the lagoon, females are also often spotted in the area.

Watching these incredible creatures play is an awe-inspiring pleasure. Spouting, the breathing out of air by the whale, is usually the first indication of whale activity; however, you may see breaching, too. Breaching, when the whale leaps almost completely out of the water and falls back with a large splash, is a spectacular sight.

Photo Courtesy Oscar Ortiz Cabo Expeditions
Photo Courtesy Oscar Ortiz Cabo Expeditions

Here at Casa Dorada, we’re all in love with our visiting whales and are always happy to have our guests join this inner circle. If you’re in Cabo San Lucas now or will be in the next couple of months, you can´t miss this amazing opportunity. Just come see us at the Activities Desk and we will be happy to arrange the right tour for you, whether you’d prefer to stay in Los Cabos or venture out to Magdalena Bay.

Happy whale watching!

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