Sharing the Flavors of Oaxaca in Cabo San Lucas

On March 112017, guests at Casa Dorada Los Cabos Resort & Spa will have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some of the best traditional Oaxacan cuisine. Our Executive Chef, Francisco Aguirre has invited 4 other talented chefs to join him in the kitchen for a culinary event: “Sharing the Flavors of Oaxaca”.

Cooking up a 5-course dinner along our Executive Chef will be Chef Colibrí Jimenez, Chef Ovidio Perez, Chef Luis A. Llanos and a traditional Oaxacan cook Juana Amaya.


Oaxacan cuisine is a regional cuisine of Mexico, centered on the city of Oaxaca, the capital of the state of the same name located in southern Mexico. Like the rest of Mexican cuisine, Oaxacan food is based on staples such as corn, beans and chile peppers, but there is a great variety of other ingredients and food preparations due to the influence of the state’s varied geography and indigenous cultures. Well known features of the cuisine include ingredients such as chocolate, Oaxaca cheese, mezcal and grasshoppers (chapulines) with dishes such as tlayudas, Oaxacan style tamales and seven notable varieties of mole sauce.

All the ingredients to make Mole Coloradito. Taken at the cooking course near Oaxaca, Mexico. Chili peppers, tomatoes, sesame seeds, chocolate, onion, garlic, plantain and spices.

You can expect to try many traditional dishes you are not likely to find outside of Mexico, particularly in their authentic version. You may choose to accompany your dinner with a wine pairing and live music will surely add to the overall experience. For more information and reservations contact our Concierge.


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