Meet Mamanchatte: New artist in Casa Dorada

We have a new artist in Casa Dorada. Mamanchatte (French for Cat Mom) was born being art herself (we would say “happy art”). Spend a few minutes with her and you will be taken to a colorful world full of fantasy and fun.

Here is a little bit about her essence:

“Colors hypnotize me, I see how they dance among themselves, they caress each other, and they make love giving birth to the most beautiful textures, I do not fear the vibrant color because that is the state of my soul. Life is more beautiful when it is put like that, of primary magenta, medium yellow and cerulean blue. Colors are the transmitters of my whole feeling, and I use them that way, arbitrarily because it is the only way in which I can free myself.

I paint moments and hope, love, friendship; the cat is intrinsic to me, and it is only my language to be able to express myself. My work seeks to investigate and reach the deepest into the human soul. It is an entirely resilient work that aims to touch fibers, remind the human being that he is the master of what he thinks and at the same time responsible for what he creates.

However bad sometimes things may go, there is always the possibility to play sax, dance, walk on top of an elephant or travel the world in a balloon, merely remind the human being that life is beautiful!

I AM MAMANCHATTE ! not in theme or style, but in essence and soul. I did not learn to make art, I was born being art.”

Find her by the pool and paint with her, she will definitely hypnotize you with her stories!

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