Meet Anna Litzahaya, our artist in Casa Dorada

We are pleased to announce the integration of our new artist in House: Anna Litzahaya, a very dear artist who loves to paint and teach art, which is why we believe our guests will very much enjoy her classes. 

“Life showed me how creative it could be with little details and surprises. My first love: Nature, at a very early age I was struck by its colors, nuances, textures, and contrasts. I study education science to show that we can all make art, I want to be an excellent teacher. My passion for colors originates in Casa Dorada accompanied by my faithful friend Manu Castillo, whom today leaves a beautiful beginning at the door. Excited to start this new adventure in Casa Dorada”.

Discover Anna Litzahaya every Wednesday at 12:00 pm, when you can enjoy an artistic lunch along with excellent wine pairing while Anna gives you the best tips to paint your work of art.  

Her lessons and a zip of wine are all it takes to create your work of art!

Paint and Eat with Anna Litzahaya is back!

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