Many thanks to the Poulins

Every time we get a review like this, a part of our hearts melt. We take pride on the fact that we have the most committed teammates to give the best service possible and create memories, but when our guests take the time to write about it, it really touches our heart. We want to share a little bit about this family story with their kind words. Thank you very much, from the bottom of our hearts:

“Dear Oziel,
Once again I am speechless! The kindness is never ending. First our welcome and our stay in the Penthouse. The Penthouse has been a magical experience. The view.. the peacefullness… Everynight we got into the hot tub around sunset and talked about our day and shared stories. Our life at home is so crazy and Steve works so much. For us to have this time was so special. We will never forget the opportunity and Chase will always talk about how he felt like a king:) Then as we are packing to leave we could not believe it when the beautiful array of sweets came to the door and with it the most lovely note. Honestly my heart overflows and I can not tell you how much Casa Dorada and everyone here touches us.
Everyday something special touched us:

The boys at the pool never stop and Bismark leading the charge and always with a smile.
I watch them take their jobs so seriously and passionately and each person is handeled with care. Bismark has a special way about him and he takes his job very seriously. He has a special way with people.

Ricardo that heads up the waitstaff never stops working and always again with a smile. We loved meeting him

The waiters are always happy to help and all of them go above and beyond and always have time for a chat and to share their lives with us.

Today we had another pizza party for anyone working around the pool and restaurants and Chase was in heaven! They were all so beyond grateful and it was us that were the ones full of gratitude.

Rosa and her warm heart and belly laughter. We loved celebrating her birthday big 40 with a special cake from the kitchen that Ronaldo so kindly provided

The security gaurds always smiling and keeping us safe while making our entrance to the hotel a special one with a warm hello and smile

Monica what can i say she is a love and is always there to help us plan our trip with care

The front desk staff nothing is ever too much for them

Last night I asked the spa if I could get some nailpolish remover and in minutes back they came with cotton balls full of remover

Today Chase had a stomach ache and Armando had a plate of papaya sent up. He is a very hard working man and takes great pride in the restaurant. He really is proud and wants to see 12 Tribes shine. He made our last night there special tonight. He took the time to talk with us and had many kind words that Chase will never forget.

The maids and their special touches and the extra trips they made up here at night with chocolates.

Ilsa always lurking taking pictures and sharing them with us. She is a gem

Nadem is so special and warm. I will send you a video and picture of what they did for Chase on our last night

The boys at the pool bar… What can I say except they offer nothing but fun and laughter…. Serving Chase shots of apple juice so funny

The sushi chefs served us so many special creations we had fun every afternoon with them for a late lunch

The waitstaff for morning breakfast always greeted Chase with hugs and highfives. He would eat down there each morning by himself as he wanted to “hang” with them alone.

The maintenance staff always busily and quietly working and we love greeting them with a hello and their faces would light up.

What more can I say Casa Dorado is like HOME

xoxo Wendy Steve and Chase”

…Have a safe trip back home, our dear Poulin Family.

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