Celebrating 8 Years of Sea Turtle Conservation in Los Cabos

This season we are celebrating the eight anniversary since Casa Dorada took the helm of sea turtle conservation in the Cabo San Lucas Bay as a member of the Los Cabos Sea Turtle Protection Network.


Sea Turtle Protection Network

As part of our duties our personnel patrols the beach every night from June through January, looking for nests that are then incubated in our chamber. Once the baby turtles hatch, they are transported to the very place where their nest was collected in order to continue their life cycle.

It’s important to mention that these responsibilities are shared among all members of the Los Cabos Sea Turtle Protection Network and the community plays a role, too, by letting us know once a turtle is spotted on the beach.


Sea turtles in Los Cabos

Even though the sea turtle nesting season in Los Cabos officially begins in May, we witness them year round with a particular increase during the period between August and November.

In Los Cabos you’ll be able to see 5 of 7 sea turtle species that nest in Mexico. Loggerhead and hawksbill turtles are only known to feed in our region, while black turtles, leatherbacks and the olive ridley choose our beaches to nest.


Do your part

If you’re in Los Cabos during the sea turtle nesting season and you are fortunate to witness a turtle emerging from the sea, please keep in mind the following suggestions:

  • Keep your distance of at least 30 feet
  • Inform Casa Dorada staff or the nearest restaurant so that we can punctually safeguard the nest
  • Do not shine a light onto them as they don’t like it and may get scared
  • Do not let them see you as it may cause them stress
  • Never touch or hurt them


We invite you to share with us this miracle of life that nature allows us to witness on our Los Cabos beaches!


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