Casa Dorada, certified as “Company free of educational lag”

The National Institute for Adults Education (INEA) has certified Casa Dorada as an organization free of educational lag. This program aims to recognize the companies that have given the necessary facilities so that their workers complete their primary education and through the acquisition of new knowledge improve their work activity and at the same time grow personally.

In December 2013 Casa Dorada was recognized as a company committed to the education of its workers, subscribing the staff who wanted to enroll in the program. In 2016, the agreement was renewed so that the staff could attend at the hotel facilities for better monitoring of their progress.

In this month of July, the recognition was received for supporting 42 employees to complete their basic education. In total, 67 certificates have been obtained over three years.

We will continue to join efforts to be a company worthy of our collaborators and guests recognition and pride.

Thank you!

Casa Dorada

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