50 Year Anniversary of the Sand Cascades in Los Cabos.

Are you seeking out your next vacation spot? The world is a big and beautiful place; it can seem like work simply to choose where among the many incredible travel destinations in the world you want to spend your precious vacation time. If you’re hoping to unwind and enjoy a slower pace in contrast to our everyday fast-paced lives, you’re likely looking to a sandy destination where tropical views and sunny weather are the perfect recipes for relaxation. For this very reason, Los Cabos has rapidly become a favorite travel spot.  The geography and climate of Los Cabos is part of what draws people in—beautiful beaches and deserts in a sunny, mild climate guarantees an enjoyable trip. When planning your trip to Los Cabos, you’ll want to make sure you plan a fun and interesting itinerary, but don’t forget about accommodations. Where you go to relax after a day of adventuring can make or break your vacation. After 12 years of business, Casa Dorada knows how to provide what those coming to Los Cabos for a break away from the daily grind need to maximize the great memories their trip will create. 

Casa Dorada Los Cabos is located on Medano Beach and only a 5-minute walk from downtown Cabo San Lucas. 12 years’ worth of guests visiting Los Cabos have proved this location to be one of the best—Medano Beach is one of the most popular swimmable beaches in Cabo San Lucas. You’ll be able to enjoy a lazy day on the sand with the option to enjoy the bars, beach clubs, restaurants, and water activities right on the beach. Part of what has made Casa Dorada such a popular choice among hotels in Los Cabos throughout its 12 years of business is its great location. No need for tedious logistical planning—just head out the door and both the beach and downtown are at your disposal.

 If you’ve set your sights on the sand for your next vacation, Los Cabos is a natural choice. The area has only become more interesting and equipped to provide visitors with the enjoyable and memorable experience they’re looking for as time has passed—there’s a reason so many celebrities are often sighted spending time in Los Cabos. With so many activities and amazing sights, it can feel overwhelming to choose what will go on your itinerary. Not to fear, we have some must-see options for every trip to Los Cabos.   After you book your stay at Casa Dorada, prep your itinerary with a trip to the unforgettable sand cascades. For those who are nature lovers or simply want to experience a new and incredible sight, the sand cascades are a must-see. Los Cabos has a unique environment where desert and ocean merge and mingle. One of the outcomes of this unique environment is the sand cascades, an incredible natural occurrence caused by the friction between the tectonic plates of the Pacific and North America, joined with the mixing of warm waters from the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean.

You’ll find this natural phenomenon in the Los Cabos Wildlife Protection Area. This expanse of protected nature was founded back in 1973. It stretches roughly 4000 hectares, almost all of which is underwater.

 The sand cascades are exactly what they sound like—an underwater cascade of sand. Discovered by a researcher in 1959, the cascades are an incredible natural sight that must be seen with your own eyes to fully experience its majesty. The sand cascades are a hauntingly beautiful sight, mimicking the imagery of a waterfall with the manner in which the sand flows ceaselessly like liquid over the ocean rocks. The experience is one that makes a viewer feel almost as if they’ve entered another realm as water becomes the oxygen you float through and sand becomes the water that pours over cliff edges. 

For those wanting to go back home with an unforgettable experience, Casa Dorada has been the favorite choice of travelers for 12 years due to its exceptional location with respect to making a trip to the sand cascades as easy as possible. This rare natural occurrence can only be observed in a few places throughout the world, so finding hotels in Los Cabos that put you close to the action is imperative to maximize your sand cascade enjoyment. 

 To visit this natural wonder, you’ll have to put on your diving suit, as it lies between 80 and 130 feet below the ocean’s surface in the Bay of Cabo San Lucas. This diving site is one of the most popular, both for the incredible sand cascades as well as the abundance of beautiful wildlife and underwater sights. Diving in this part of the bay will give you a front-row seat to some of the ocean’s most mesmerizing views; you’ll be able to watch as snappers, angelfish, and other tropical fish swims by you. Even octopus and seahorses can come out of hiding for a moment to show themselves to a lucky diver. You’ll also be able to appreciate the flora of this underwater landscape, like canyon walls covered with sea fans and sponges. The sand cascades are the nature lover’s top pick for what to do when visiting Los Cabos. 

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