3 things to do on September 15th if you are in México

If you happen to be in México on September 15th, you will probably be a happy witness of the most festive day for Mexicans: Independence Day, which celebrates the battle Mexicans had, to be independent of the Spaniards back in 1810. 

That weekend almost everyone is down the shore celebrating the day with family, friends, and lots of sun. Here are some tips to catch:

  1. Eat! If you are a curious mind and love to know about other cultures, this is the day in which you probably be able to taste all the traditional food that have made Mexico so emblematic. Craving for Pozole? Quesadillas, Mole, and so on.
  2. Drink tequila. Or at least a cocktail made with it, otherwise, you won´t feel that Mexican. 
  3. Attend a Mexican Fair. Nothing better to immerse into the Mexican culture than going to a traditional fair. Play and have fun while getting to know the culture.

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